United Kingdom Online Retail Sales Report


The largest online retail spending group in Europe can be found in the UK, which consists of the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They are spending over $80 billion every year online, a figure that grows by 11% annually and puts them well ahead of developing online spenders like China. Continue reading

USA E-Commerce Retail Sales Report

Country Flag of the USA

The USA is the world leader for a single country in online retail sales, which only consists of sales for business to consumer goods. Compared with other countries of the world, the competition in e-commerce markets is much more fierce, but there is also a lot of money to be made for those that can keep up with the competition. Continue reading

China E-Commerce Retail Sales Report

Country of China

Out of all countries in the world, China has the most potential to eventually become the world leader in online retail sales instead of the USA. For more than half a decade now, the online retail sales in China have been growing by nearly 80% each year. Current sales are around $23 billion annually and expected to top $80 billion within 5 years. Continue reading

Russia E-Commerce Retail Sales Report

Country of Russia

A massive country with a huge population that is still fairly untapped in terms of online retail sales is Russia. Even though they have the largest number of people online out of any other European country, they only have about $9 billion in online retail sales annually, but this figure is expected to double in the next four years. Continue reading

Germany E-Commerce Retail Sales Report

Country of Germany

Germany accounts for nearly $36 billion in annual e-commerce retail revenue and that figure is increasing by as much as 18% each year. Internet users in Germany are very likely to complete purchases with nearly 80% of them doing so this year. When you also consider that the German economy is much better off than most of the other countries in the world right now, this is a very positive sign. Continue reading