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The majority of the countries found in the South American markets speak Spanish as their primary language, although there are certainly some exceptions to this rule. Although some of these countries do have people that speak some English as a second or third language, it is typically not the best language to use when targeting these markets.

This region contains some of the fastest growing online retail markets in the entire world for one simple reason. The people in these countries have always had a strong desire to have access to online shopping, but they have only recently been able to actually get that access and afford personal computers in their homes.

As a result, there are a lot of internet users in these markets that do not actually buy retail products online. Those that do buy will typically not spend a lot of money (a bit over $40 in online spending on average per person annually). However, these are emerging markets that will be steadily growing every year for many years to come, and there are even some gems that can be found here that have average spending levels four times higher than the rest of the region.

The real key in this region is to get on board before it becomes a major player, which will attract the attention of all of the competition that can currently be found in US markets. You also need to know what the consumers in these countries are interested and willing to buy online.

Three of the rising stars in South America have been discussed in more detail for this guide. Although these countries are certainly great prospects to target, it definitely does not mean that they are the only countries you should consider in these regions.

Beyond the rising stars, be sure to keep an eye on a few other countries in this region in the future like Peru and Columbia.