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If you live in the USA, you have most likely never even considered targeting markets in the Middle East. There is a general stereotype about people living in these regions. Most people don’t consider that they have modern infrastructure that is found in more developed countries.

Although a specific market report has not been provided in this guide for African countries yet, many of the concepts that apply to the Middle Eastern markets will actually apply to African countries that have online retail sales. Online sales are rapidly on the rise in both of those markets.

Noteworthy countries in this market that have not been covered in this guide include Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, and Qatar. If African markets are of interest, Egypt and countries of South Africa will be worth investigating.

Out of all product categories being sold online, food and other grocery items actually account for the largest percentage of sales in this region. Amazon.com is actually a popular shopping destination for many people in these countries. A lot of these consumers like to buy American goods that cannot be found locally. This even applies to electronics since the consumers can simply buy a converter plug to use them.