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National Language Italian
Online Retail Spending $10.5 Billion
Annual Spending Growth 20%+
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One of the rising stars in Western Europe is Italy. It currently boasts e-commerce sales of $10.5 billion annually and is one of the fastest growing online retail countries in the region with growth at more than 20% per year.

Italy has always lagged behind the rest of Western Europe in terms of a thriving online retail economy. However, the global economic crisis has actually started a shift to change the mindset of these residents, which is a major cause for the recent growth seen here.

In the past, less than 40% of internet users in Italy would purchase retail goods online, but that figure has been quickly rising each year recently. As Italy approaches the 70% to 90% buying ratio that is commonly found in many of the other leading countries in Western Europe, their annual online spending could easily double.

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