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National Flag of France
National Language French
Online Retail Spending $20 Billion
Annual Spending Growth 20%
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Another country of eager online shoppers in Europe is France. In 2011, they purchased nearly $20 billion worth of retail goods online, and they are also growing that amount each year by 20% or more.

A staggering 90% or more of French internet users purchase goods online with an average of one purchase per person every single month. Their residents are heavily connected to the internet with many of them having both computers and alternative devices that they use to access it. Common alternative devices used include cell phones, tablets, and even gaming consoles.

French is obviously the national language of France, and their early colonial settlements caused their language to be heavily used worldwide today by as many as 1 in 14 people. Although a lot of French do spend their grade school years learning a secondary language like English, marketers will still be better off targeting them in their own language.

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