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Open discussion forum for global marketing strategies grouped by geographic region. Ask for help with marketing to specific countries, talk about consumer buying habits, and exchange tips with other like-minded international marketers.

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North America Marketing
The North American Region is the powerhouse of the world, but it also comes with much higher competition. This region does not include most of the Latin American countries (see Central America).
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Europe Marketing
The European Region is a true melting pot of cultures and languages, which can be overwhelming but also very lucrative for marketers to target. The region contains most of the countries in the continent of Europe with the exception of a few countries in the Middle East.
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Asia Marketing
More people in the Asian Region are getting connected to the internet everyday, which is one of the major reasons for their rising sales numbers in recent years. Includes most of the countries in the continent of Asia and islands in the Asian Pacific.
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Middle East and North Africa Marketing
The Middle Eastern Region contains countries that could easily be grouped in different regions based on the continent where they are found, but this region exists because of the unique cultures that are found in these countries.
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Central America & Caribbean Marketing
The Central American & Caribbean Region includes many Latin American countries, although there are also mixtures of many other cultures found here. This region contains all countries in the North American continent that were not included in that region (everything below the USA except for Mexico).
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Africa Marketing
The African Region does not contain all countries found in the continent of Africa. Some of the countries in North Africa have been grouped in the Middle East Region. The Sahara Desert is a rough dividing line for this region.
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Australia and Oceania Marketing
The Australian and Oceanic Region contains more than a dozen countries. These are some of the most remote countries on earth for the large, international online retailers to ship to, making this one of the most challenging aspects for marketers targeting this region.
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South America Marketing
The South American Region is comprised of mostly Spanish speaking countries and shares many similarities with Latin countries in Central America. This region includes the entire continent.
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