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The European markets are considerably more developed than other parts of the world, but this actually means that they are often overlooked because they are not heavily discussed in business news. However, this market as a whole should not be ignored.

Europe is basically on par with the United States in terms of online sales, so if you can learn to target most of the heavy players in Europe, then you can easily double your potential audience. In fact, in 2011 online retail sales in Europe surpassed sales in the USA and even for all of North America. This has officially made the European online retail market the most lucrative region in the world right now.

As with all markets, it is extremely important to understand your target audience before you start marketing to them. In general, the European community can be targeted in a similar manner to the USA because there is a higher level of spending here compared with many of the Asian and Latin American markets.

The main challenge that exists with trying to tap into this marketing goldmine is overcoming the language barrier, but this is much easier to do these days with automatic website translation technology. Unlike Latin America being primarily based on one or two languages, just the countries in the European Union alone have 23 official languages.

In general, there are two primary reasons that Europeans buy retail goods online: to save time and money. Most Europeans and busy, hardworking people that have disposable income but are still careful about how much they spend.

More and more Europeans are beginning to shop online for increased product availability and selection. In fact, a lot of them will actually take a look at products in retail stores before going online to make a final buying decision.

A number of the noteworthy countries and rising stars have been discussed in this guide, but there are certainly many other countries in this region that could be well worth the effort to target like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Germany E-Commerce Retail Sales Report

Country of Germany

Germany accounts for nearly $36 billion in annual e-commerce retail revenue and that figure is increasing by as much as 18% each year. Internet users in Germany are very likely to complete purchases with nearly 80% of them doing so this year. When you also consider that the German economy is much better off than most of the other countries in the world right now, this is a very positive sign. Continue reading