Chile Online Retail Sales Report

Map of the country of Chile


National Flag of Chile
National Language Spanish
Online Retail Spending $750 Million
Annual Spending Growth 27%
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Next to China, Chile is one of the fastest growing online retail markets in the world, although their revenue totals are nowhere close to China. Within five years, Chile is expected to have nearly $2 billion in e-commerce retail sales annually.

The online marketing potential of Chile is largely untapped so far because of the low revenue total currently, which doesn’t even top $1 billion. However, when you take a closer look at this country, you can easily see that it is one you don’t want to ignore.

More than 70% of internet users in Chile shop online, which is higher than almost every other country in Latin America. These shoppers are spend a lot more on e-commerce too – more than four times as much as the average online shopper in Latin America!

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