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National Flag of Australia
National Language English
Online Retail Spending $35 Billion (2011)
$29 Billion (2010)
Annual Spending Growth 20%
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Australia’s b2c e-commerce sales have been steadily growing for years, although this growth is beginning to slow because the country is fairly well developed technologically now. In 2011, their annual business-to-consumer online retail sales nearly topped $35 billion.

While their annual sales are still growing, they are actually slowly losing their overall share of the global b2c e-commerce economy because their growth is being outpaced by other developing countries in the world.

Overall, internet usage among Australians is a very satisfying 91% with 60% or more being online shoppers.

One of the challenges of targeting Australians as a marketer is knowing what these residents want to buy, how they want to buy it, and where they want to buy it from.

The unique challenge for Australia has traditionally been shipping time and cost, although major improvements have been made in this area in recent years.

The country has also not really been specifically targeted by the major international online retailers like Amazon.

Australians can purchase from Amazon and actually shop there more often than any other site besides eBay, but Amazon does not have a locale site that specifically caters to this country like they do for other countries such as the USA, Canada, and a number of European countries. However, residents can still purchase from basically all of these sites, although is the most popular.

By understanding why residents will shop locally or with overseas websites and what types of products they like to buy, you can confidently target this market with success.

Compared with many other countries in the world, the Australian dollar is actually stronger (especially compared with the US dollar). As a result, this is driving many residents to purchase overseas in slow economic times because their money buys more in the USA than it can in Australia.

Consumer demographics are also important in this market, as it is for most. Even though a particular product category may be popular in general, there may actually be specific age groups or types of citizens that are buying products in a given category.

Demographics, buying habits, top b2c e-commerce product categories and more is discussed in detail throughout this guide to provide you specific insights that you can use in the real world to market to this country and the people that live there.

Australia E-Commerce and Online Retail Sales Report Chapters

  • Introduction to Australian B2C E-Commerce
  • Online Shopper Demographics
    • Age
    • Income, Employment & Education
    • Location
    • Gender & Household Structure
  • Consumer Buying Habits
    • Why Do Australians Shop Online?
    • Why Do Australians NOT Shop Online?
    • Where Do Australians Shop Online?
    • Top Australian E-Commerce Sites
    • Local vs Overseas Online Shopping
  • Top Online Retail Product Categories
    • Annual Revenue Share
    • Market Reach By Category
    • Market Reach By Category & Location
    • Market Reach By Category & Age
    • 18-24 Years Old
    • 25-34 Years Old
    • 35-44 Years Old
    • 45-54 Years Old
    • 55-64 Years Old
    • 65+ Years Old

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