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With the USA set to only account for 20% of global online retail sales by 2017, internet marketers simply cannot afford to ignore international markets anymore.

The best way to expand your retail sales outside of the USA is to learn about the buying habits, popular product categories, and other demographics for specific countries throughout the world.

The Local Azon Global Marketing Newsletter offers free sales reports and forecasts for a variety of countries from regions like Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Mainland Asia, and the Asian Pacific.

You may find yourself wondering what people buy in a particular country, but you do not need to leave your niche selection up to fate to make a good choice.

The reason why the United States are losing power in online retail sales is not because of a decline in their own sales. In fact, the USA is still steadily increasing their revenue figures each year.

Other countries of the world are finally getting reliable, broadband internet connections and proper legislation designed to protect online buyers. As more people in these countries come online, they are exploring the savings possibilities that can be found by purchasing everyday goods on the internet.

Up and coming countries of the world in terms of online retail sales are seeing growth of 20% and up to 80% annually.

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